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Basic construction

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Our DIY room kits are very easy to construct and all kits come with a detailed instructional providing all the information needed to build a strong and sturdy room / shed. Below is the basic DIY info / steps to erect your structure. However we understand that sometimes things don’t make sense. If this is the case, do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification needed. Need inspiration? Have a look at our customer’s projects. These kits are ideal from the home handy-person to trades alike.

  1. Mark out the area

    Work out the area in which you would like to erect your pod. This will mean clearing it from any obstructions.

  2. Level the area

    Level the area where your pod will go. We recommend placing your pod on a concrete slab for best experience.

  3. Lay channel and secure

    Cut the channel to length and secure to the foundation (if concrete or a solid surface) with screws or hammer-ins provided.

  4. Insert panel and secure

    Place panel in to the channel and secure using the products supplied. Bracing should be used if there are not enough people to help out. We advise getting a friend to help carry and hold the panels in place for securing.

  5. Add doors and windows

    Cut the panels where doors and windows are required using the special blade provided with all kits. Insert and secure.

  6. Enjoy

    Have a look over your kit and be amazed at how quick and easy installation was.

  7. Spread the word

    Invite your friends and family around to have a look at your achievement. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Help us by letting family and friends know about this wonderful product.

Full construction details will be supplied with all kits sold.

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