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We get questions regarding our product and as a result we thought we’d try and answer some here. Hopefully here on the FAQ page we can help clear some things up. If there isn’t a related answer to your query here then please feel free to email us at and we will respond… promise.

What is an EPS panel?

EPS is short for Expanded Polystyrene foam. This foam is glued between two zincalume sheets that are 1.6mm thick making this a strong walling or roofing panel. These panels are ideal for insulated rooms.

Can I choose a colour?

We have a selection of 3 colours but are working on more. Follow us on social media to view new and upcoming products. Your current colour choice is off white, slate grey and paperbark. Only one side of the panel is coloured unless you choose the off white, then both sides are exactly that, off white.

What is the standard package?

The standard package comes in an off white colour, no window and with a hinged door. You have the option of adding other items if you choose through our drop down choices in the product area.

What if I want more then 1 door or window?

Send our sales team an email with your requirements and we will be in touch. Our email is , alternatively use the contact us link here.

Will my sliding door have a screen?

Yes. All sliding door come with a fiberglass fly screen as standard. If you need a pet friendly screen please send us an email.

What paint can I use if I want to change colour?

We recommend Dulux products. But please be mindful you will need to prime all surfaces first before painting the colour.

Can I run electrical through the panels?

The easiest way to complete your electrical is to run conduit after construction. Speak with your Electrician to learn more.

What if I want to hide the electrical?

Before erecting your kit, map out where you would like your electrical points and discuss with your electrician your requirements. cable can be ran in the panel by either cutting a “V” grove at the join of each panel and running cable there. If your point falls in the middle of a panel, use a hollow pipe to bore out the panel core. Ensure the room is earthed and by a qualified electrician for safety reasons.

Payment options?

Payment can be made through EFT at check out or via PayPal. We currently do not offer payment plans but we are working with others to arrange more flexible payment options.

What base do I use for the room?

We recommend placing the room on a concrete slab for a water / vermin proof seal. However it can be placed on pavers or any flat prepared surface but a concrete slab works best.

What it the roof made from?

The roof is a flat EPS panel. If the roof is going to be accessed we recommend using the 100mm option when purchasing any room.

Have another query?

Have any other questions or queries? Try using the contact us link or simply call

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