Grilled Sweet Corn in Husk

Here is a basic but amazingly tasty and super easy way to make your standard sweet corn taste out of this world, and best of all, it’s open to your own flavors.

When you cook the corn in its husk you retain all the moisture, any flavors you add, and the mouth feel.… just wow (ok I’m punching above my weight with the “fancy mouth feel” but stay with me).

Ok so what makes this so fantastic? It’s just so quick, juicy and easy you’ll wonder why you haven’t given it a go before.

How will it taste?

How would you like it to taste? That’s the beauty of this recipe, you can mix any meat rub spice or any preferred spice you like with the corn as long as you have an agent to help move the flavors. In our case, olive oil or REAL butter, not margarine or nuttelex or any other pretend butter. Use real butter and you will thank me. Or if you have it try duck fat!

So how is it done?


  • Sweet corn with husk on
  • String
  • Preferred spice
  • Olive oil or Butter

1. One husk strip at a time, carefully peel all the way back to the stalk, but do not remove.

2. Remove the silk (hairy bits) from around the corn and discard.

3. Soak the cleaned cob in cool water for about 10mins, remove and let drain. Don’t dry them out completely.

4. Lightly sprinkle your spices over the cob and spread a very light coat of olive oil or butter. Remember use less at this stage. If you want heavy spice, add the oil first. This makes the spice stick well.

5. Fold the husk back to its original position and secure the open end with string. The juices and oil/butter and spices will do their thing on the grill.

6. Lay the tied corn ears on to a medium hot coal or a medium to low grill plate on a bbq. Allow to cook for approx 10-15 mins turning periodically or when the husks begin to char.

7. Remove from the heat and let them cool for 5 mins.

8. remove the string and discard, peel back the husk and add more butter or olive oil.

9. Enjoy !

This really is a tasty recipe to give a crack. It’s easy, juicy, tasty and just bloody good.

If you like, try it without the spices. But remember to soak the corn before hand. This ensures a juicy finish.

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