DIY Flat-Pack Man Cave or She Shed

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Build your own kit Man-cave / She-shed in a weekend

Our kits are a complete building system for constructing a usable space within ONE weekend, flat-packed and ready to go. Whether it be a shed, playroom, extension or renovation – we have to product for you.

If your a can-do type of person with basic handy person experience, you CAN build our kit spaces. If your not then ask a *local builder to erect the structure for you.

Can’t find any kits suitable for your needs in our product range? No worries! Contact us here. Or if you prefer, send an email to with your design requirements.

Our Flat Pack Kits are available in 4 different sizes

*windows and doors can be placed on any wall

The Hut
Size – 2.4m x 3.6m
Footprint – 8.6m2

hideaway schematic

The Hideaway
Size – 2.4m x 6.2m
Footprint – 14.8m2

The Clubhouse
Size – 3.6m x 5m
Footprint – 18m2

clubhouse schematic
Colossal Schematic

The Colossal
Size – 3.6m x 6.2m
Footprint – 22.3m2

*All kits are class 10A buildings

Not the size you want?

Ask us for a quote.

We also make custom size kits to suit your requirements. Want more windows or doors, just ask!

What’s in our flat-pack kits?

What you get is a complete system ready to build.

  • Wall panels
  • Roof panels
  • Channel / Angle
  • Door/s and Window/s
  • Fasteners
  • Silicone
  • Assembly Instructions

This easy to assemble system allows for a fast build with very little scrap meaning you save on disposal costs. No need for skips in the driveway! No damage to surrounding area. Have a look at the build overview video below.

Need a sub-floor system? Click here to read more on that.

Sub-floors are a great way to build your space even faster! Who wants to spend weeks preparing the area for a concrete slab? Although a slab is the best option, sub-floors eliminate all the prep work involved. A sub-floor is a galvanised steel frame system where you can build your flat-pack kit upon. All sub-floors come with H2 termite resistant flooring making this a fast build option.

Kit rooms


Renovation infills

Easy Assembly

Interlocking System

Structural Panel

Fast Install

EPS Panel

Push together panels make for an easier, faster build

Self supporting panel

No need for framing or plasterboard

Can be installed in a single weekend

Choose from a range of colours

Standard Colours

Panel features

  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Strong interlocking design
  • 1.6mm skin on both sides
  • Pre-painted Off-White (Surf Mist (Permaguard®))
  • Multiple colours available

ZERO Ozone Depleting Properties
EPS foam insulation manufacturing does not use ozone depleting substances such as CFCs, HCFCs or HFCs.

Resource Efficiency
As a low density insulation product EPS uses very little natural resources by volume to manufacture. This, coupled with the high insulation performance, mean that the energy savings from using EPS will amount to hundreds of times the energy required to produce the product.

EPS core has been tried and tested for over half a century. This cost effective construction solution has an impressive strength to weight ratio, is 100% recyclable and because of its low density, it can provide further saving in the cost of foundations, framing and auxiliary insulation. This product also contains a Flame-retardant (FR) making it self extinguishing.

SL Grade EPS insulation core delivers excellent thermal insulation and is an integrated wall system.
The high R-Value of cellular foam EPS is derived by the insulation value of air filled cells making up 98% of the product volume giving a safe and natural insulation to the building.

EPS Panel interlock

Rodent proof

Completely sealed install means there is no gaps for mice or other rodents to enter unlike other building methods


With outstanding thermal qualities EPS panel is one of the most Efficient ways to insulate a room.

Efficient install

Strong Interlocking panels make this a builders dream. Simply slide into place and secure then move to the next panel.

Multiple sizes available

Multiple sizes are available online. Custom sizing also available.

Energy saving

Due to its thermal qualities, cooling and heating is a breeze. No gaps means no drafts = $$$ saved.

Sound deadening

EPS paneling has excellent acoustic properties blocking noise from within and external.

Why use our flat-pack kits?

If you want a fast, easy to install man cave or she shed that can be completed in ONE weekend and have little to no DIY knowledge then our flat pack kit is for you! Pod Concepts have worked with various suppliers to make your install as easy as possible.

Kits can be used for any purpose….

Customer Reviews

The Easiest Kit I’ve used…

“Easiest build I have ever done. I’ve built insulated sheds before but this new method is insanely quick. Well done Pod Concepts!”
Chris Conner

Shed Builder

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