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Outdoor BBQ Alfresco Kitchen

At Pod Concepts we love our BBQ.

Our Outdoor BBQ Kitchens and accessories are always growing in variety.

Choose from our pre-designed outdoor kitchen range or ask us for a custom design. We have a multitude of options available to us, and best of all 100% water resistant.

Take a look at the options below


We have a variety of bench tops to choose from to suit your needs.


Bamboo is an excellent budget friendly alternative for your outdoor kitchen. Bamboo is naturally water resistant, hard wearing and looks amazing.

Bamboo is an easy to maintain finish that can simply be oiled or stained to remove any blemishes or light scratches.

Bamboo benchtop


Stone bench tops look fantastic, are easy to keep clean, and they are based as a middle ground for pricing. They are available in 3 different colours, Sparkling Black, Sparkling White, Sparkling Grey.

Some care should be taken with stone benchtops as they do have a tendency to mark/stain with certain foods and drinks. When placing hot items on stone, a head protection pad should be used to avoid heat shock and potential to crack.

Stone benchtop


Porcelain is fantastic used as a benchtop. Its highly durable and best of all, heat resistant. This means you can leave your trays of hot food directly on top of the bench.

Porcelain is a very hard and durable material. The down side to porcelain is it can be scratched as the pattern is only surface deep, it is difficult to do and can be rectified unless you have a patterned porcelain benchtop. The pattern is a thin layer on top of the baked porcelain and once penetrated it can not be fixed. Again though, it is an extremely difficult to do and is a durable product.

Porcelain benchtop



The cabinet carcass is made from a durable PVC board. This means it is waterproof and can be cleaned easily if required. Simply hose down and wipe out. No need to worry about the carcass swelling and damaging your kitchen.

PVC Board


Compact laminate is perfect for outdoor alfresco kitchens. We source our compact laminate from quality suppliers like Laminex and Polytec.

Compact laminate is created by dipping layers of black kraft paper in resin and drying them. These are then pressed at 180° and sealed between a top and bottom sheet of decor paper. Due to the chemical process of polymerisation, the layers are permanently melded, resulting in an incredibly strong and durable solid panel of laminate. This process creates a solid durable and most important, water resistant panel.

With a wide variety of colours and finishes available, we can supply your dream outdoor kitchen.

Compact laminate board


We have a large range of pre-designed kitchens available through our website.

Our range includes Euro Appliances Alfresco range and Artusi Alfresco. Both companies have been around for a long time and offer extremely good warranties on both kitchens and appliances.

If this is something you would like; click on the link below

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