Roller Shutters

Roller shutters

Roller shutters not only look stylish but also add many benefits to your home

Save on utility bills


Extra Security

Reduce Noise

Stop Light

Property Value

Save – Shutters keep your home warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

Privacy – Shutters still allow air flow when partially opened but stop neighbours viewing inside your home.

Security – Keep unwanted visitors out.

Noise reducing – Shutters are ideal for reducing unwanted noise from outside.

Light blocking – If your a shift worker or have a baby, shutters stop a substantial amount of light entering.

Property Value – Shutters can increase the value of your property.

Our Australian made shutters will make your home look the part.



We have options to suit any scenario.

Bushfire Roller Shutters

As more and more Australians move to country and semi-rural areas for a better lifestyle, and our urban sprawl takes homeowners closer to wooded and high vegetation areas, protection from bushfires has become increasingly important in Australia.

Add to that the ongoing devastation of bushfires in many states across Australia, and it becomes vital that we help protect Australian families and their homes from bushfires.

Recently, a new Australian Bushfire Construction Standard AS3959-2009 has been implemented, detailing minimum standards for building and construction in bushfire areas. This standard is now mandatory in some states of Australia.

  • Complies with Australian Bushfire Construction Standard AS3959-2009.
  • Bushfire rated to Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) A40.
  • Tested by CSIRO (Report# FSZ1379).
  • Radiant heat shielding properties to 40KW/m2.
  • Fully extruded aluminum shutters.
  • Suitable for large span windows & doors up to 5800mm.
  • Protects windows from flying debris & extreme heat radiation.
  • Choice of profile colours.
  • Manual or motorised operation.
  • Remote control options.
  • Fitted with FireSafe Authentication Plate with Serial Number.
  • 5 Year Roller Shutter Guarantee.

Cyclone Roller Shutters

Many Australian home owners and businesses are looking for a better solution for storm protection, especially those located on or near the coast and in tropical regions of Australia.

CycloneSafe™ has a Cyclone Rating up to C4 T5 and its compliance with AS/NZS1170.2 2011 Cyclone Standard means it can be used in all Australian Cyclone Regions including C & D C4 (at a width of 1500mm).

  • Cyclone rated up to C4 T5.
  • Tested by James Cook University.
  • Complies with AS/NZS 1170.2 2011 (Cyclone Standard).
  • Can be used in all Australian cyclone regions including Cyclone Regions C & D C4 at 1500mm wide.
  • Fully extruded strong aluminium alloy shutters.
  • Commercial grade double wall extruded profile.
  • Suitable for windows & doors up to 2400mm wide.
  • Protects windows from flying debris.
  • Choice of profile colours.
  • Manual or motorised operation with remote control options.
  • Fitted with CycloneSafe Authentication Plate with Serial Number. 
  • 5 Year Roller Shutter Guarantee.


The 77mm Widespan Roller Shutter range is made with a strong, precision roll formed roller shutter profile, and is suitable for many widespan applications up to 5900mm, including residential & commercial garage doors, and commercial windows, shop fronts & doorways.

It is an ideal roller shutter application for entry level security for factories, warehouses, clubs, pubs & hotels, restaurants, pharmacies & sports complexes.

  • High quality aluminium alloy construction.
  • Foam filled profile for additional strength, security and silent operation.
  • High quality painted finish.
  • Smooth and curved face profile.
  • Rolls smaller than traditional steel roller doors.
  • Wide range of profile colours.
  • Comprehensively engineered for extra strength.
  • Heavy duty guides and bottom bar.
  • Fully enclosed pelmet with internal rollers and reinforcement side plates.
  • Suitable for widespan widths up to 5900mm.
  • Manual or motorised operation.
  • Remote control options.
  • 5 Year Roller Shutter Guarantee.


EasyView™ is a strong roller shutter system constructed of an extruded aluminium and transparent, UV resistant polycarbonate profile, which provides added security and permanent views of the outdoors.

Suitable for a wide range of domestic applications, EasyView™ is ideal for outdoor patio, verandah and pergola areas, providing permanent outside views in a modern and sleek design. EasyView™ provides an affordable way of creating that extra room, while protecting families from the elements in both Winter and Summer.

EasyView™ is also suitable for various commercial and industrial, shop front, shopping centre grille, cafe, restaurant, counter top and internal separation barrier/doorway applications, or where both security and visibility are required.

  • Both residential & commercial applications.
  • Turns patios & verandahs into extra rooms.
  • Shopping centre grilles & cafe applications.
  • High quality aluminium & UV resistant polycarbonate profile.
  • Commercial grade fully extruded profile.
  • Wide shutter widths up to 4400mm.
  • Fully retractable into an enclosed pelmet.
  • Choice of profile colours.
  • Manual or motorised operation.
  • Remote control options.
  • Removable central support guides where required.
  • 5 Year Roller Shutter Guarantee.


The SolarSmart™ roller shutter automation system is independent of mains power with no hard wiring. It harnesses the sun’s energy, through solar panels ideally positioned on the roof facing north and in direct sunlight.

These solar panels charge a concealed battery system that in turn supplies power to a DC motor for roller shutter automation. The SolarSmart™ system utilises the latest in sophisticated electronics to manage the charging of the advanced battery system and is controlled via a specialised wireless remote control transmitter.

This all means an easier, more cost effective, environmental and efficient way to operate roller shutters.

  • Completely solar powered.
  • Green energy & environmentally friendly.
  • Save money on energy costs.
  • No hard wiring or electricians.
  • Easy & quick to install.
  • Remote control operated.
  • Choice of profile colours.
  • Save time, money and our Earth.
  • Designed in Australia.
  • 5 Year Motor Guarantee.


PowerSmart™ is a unique and technologically advanced low voltage roller shutter control system, with a built-in radio receiver and removable, rechargeable battery. 

The PowerSmart™ roller shutter automation system makes life so much easier for users and is a smarter way to power roller shutters and other window furnishings with its big battery capacity!

  • All-in-one 12V control system & battery.
  • Built-in radio receiver & rechargeable battery.
  • Completely independent of mains power.
  • Easy & quick to install.
  • No need for electricians!
  • Removable & rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.
  • Recharge LED warning light.
  • Easy to recharge just like a mobile phone.
  • Stylish design & easy to use controller.
  • Remote control options available.
  • Designed in Australia.
  • 1 Year Battery & Controller Guarantee.
  • 5 Year Motor Guarantee.


The Sensi-Fire™ Wireless Shutter Safety System is an innovative, wireless, 12 Volt DC battery, safety back-up system that automatically opens roller shutters in the event of a fire, helping protect human life. 

Crucial to fire safety, no domestic or commercial building with roller shutters should be installed without Sensi-Fire™! 

How SensiFire Works

Totally independent of mains power, the Sensi-Fire™ Wireless unit is installed in close proximity to a smoke detector. 

When the smoke detector is activated, Sensi-Fire™ picks up the audio signal and instantly transmits a radio signal, in turn automatically opening all of the programmed roller shutters, allowing escape routes in and out. (1 unit can operate multiple shutters).


When considering an automation solution, you just can’t roll past SIMU! Often described as a world leader in automation solutions and “The Professionals Brand”, SIMU’s range of high performance tubular motors and control systems are ideal for all types of window and door coverings and other automation applications:

• Roller Shutters • Awnings • Internal Blinds • External Blinds • Home Cinema Projection Screens • Plasma & TV Lifts

Pod Concepts use Australian quality products where we can for all our shutters.

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