Slatted Storage Boxes

Enhance Your Storage with Aluminum Slatted Boxes: Versatility, Durability, and Style.

For demanding storage needs, aluminum slatted boxes offer an exceptional blend of practicality and aesthetics. These versatile containers are designed to meet the rigorous demands of residential applications.

Available options:

Why choose our storage box?

Unmatched Durability with Welded Aluminum Frames

The core of these slatted boxes is a heavy-duty aluminum welded frame.

Aluminum’s inherent strength and corrosion resistance ensure that these boxes can withstand the toughest environments. The welded construction provides exceptional rigidity, preventing distortion and protecting the contents.

Customization with Vibrant Colors and Wood Looks

To meet diverse preferences, aluminum slatted boxes are available in a wide range of colors and wood looks.

Whether you seek eye-catching hues or a touch of natural elegance, there’s a finish to complement your decor or brand identity. The powder-coated finish further enhances durability and resists fading and chipping.

Wood Slat colour

Effortless Access with Gas Strut Operated Lid

Convenience is paramount with these slatted boxes. They feature gas struts that effortlessly lift the lid, providing easy access to the contents. The smooth operation minimizes strain and makes it effortless to organize and retrieve items.

Add a touch of comfort

Add a pillow top to turn the box into a comfortable bench seat allowing more seating area.

Aluminum slatted boxes are an investment that delivers exceptional value. Their durable construction, customizable finishes, effortless operation, and versatile applications make them an ideal choice for demanding storage needs. Whether you’re a manufacturing facility, distribution center, healthcare provider, or homeowner seeking practical and stylish organization, these slatted boxes are the perfect solution to enhance your storage capabilities and elevate your aesthetics.