Sub-floors and Decking

Why a sub-floor?

Using a sub-floor can be beneficial for a site. It is a quick and convenient alternative to a concrete slab and is a very cost effective alternative. Our sub-floors are engineered to hold the weight and best of all are amazingly easy to construct.

Good at Lego?.. well you’ve got this!

What is a sub-floor?

A sub-floor is a framing system used to place flooring or decking. It consists of structural c-section interlocking beams. They are extremely light, strong and versatile. A floor or deck can be built with ease!

The beams won’t split or warp and best of all – NO PAINTING!!

The sub-floor system can be placed on bearers or cemented in through steel piers.

Our sub-floors are a termite proof solution for a fast and easy build.

Available in a range of ColourBond colours or Zincalume.

Where can I use a sub-floor?

Sub-floors are ideal for our rooms or decking systems. A sub-floor can be used as an alternative to a concrete slab and require very little site setup.

Sub-floors require no heavy machinery digging up the area. Simply place flat on the ground upon bearers or preferably on piers to allow good airflow under the structure.

The only tools required to construct the deck is a drill and a tek bit. Everything else is cut to length.


Quick, Easy and great for the environment, Trex decking is the ultimate decking system.

Did you know….
Trex decking save 226 million kilograms of plastic and timber from landfill each year?

Trex decking works by placing a track down onto the beam of the subfloor or deck. The decking slats are then placed in to the track and pressed down. End slats are secured in place with a screw. The Hidden Fastening System installs between the deck boards, fastening them to the joists with no visible deck screw heads on the walking surface.

That’s it!! Simple yet effective. No Splinters, No warping, Easy to clean.


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